About us

Alliance of Local Communities in Hardship Areas (ALCHA) is a vibrant human right-based Civil Society Organization (CSO) active in community capacity building in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia. ALCHA was founded by a team of development-oriented locals who had extensive ties with local pastoralist communities with aspirations to avail amenable community-driven solutions to systemic socio-economic and political barriers in the arid lands of Ethio-Kenyan borders. It was initially registered in Kenya as Community-Based Organization way back in 2002 and elevated to National NGO status in February 2012 under Certificate No. OP.218/051/11-0868/7751, whereas registration in Ethiopia with Charities and Societies agency was in March 2018 under Certificate No. 3931.

Our Vision

A transformed pastoralist society making informed decisions of their socio-economic and political destiny

Our Mission

To foster a right-responsive and people-centered development of pastoralist communities through access to affordable education services, democratic governance, health interventions, environmental conservation, peace-building and conflict transformation and livelihoods development

Core values

ALCHA is guided by the following core values;
  1. 1. Solidarity for common goals/purpose
  2. 2. Foster positive community participation and contribution in all its undertakings
  3. 3. Promote principles of honesty and integrity in all its undertakings
  4. 4. Enhance principles of accountability, transparency and good governance
  5. 5. Instill commitment to quality work and excellence
  6. 6. Respect for useful traditional institutions, culture and practices
  7. 7. Provide equal opportunities for all its staff
  8. 8. Exercise fairness and justice in the management of the organization
  9. 9. Mutual respect- recognizing the dignity and worth of all people and the value of diversity
  10. 10. Respect for the rights of women and children - strengthening the women’s capacity to meet their basic needs and improve their positions.
  11. 11. Independence - remain independent of any religious, party/political or other partisan affiliation.